Tips & Tricks to avoid back pain (sore?)

During my preparation for my visit in the show “Allo Doctors” (France 5) about the back pain, I actually thought I had put up a bunch of strategies / tips to avoid aggravate my situation.

The term “back pain” seems a little vague / simple because there are a wide variety of ailments for which I also do not know much. I will paraphrase the presenter indicating that there are three main areas of pain:

  1. whiplash
  2. back environment
  3. the bottom of the back

My “journey” now gives me gas on all floors, so I have the chance to have for various reasons these three types of problems.

  • packing / neck movement
  • rotation of the dorsal vertebrae (D3 / D5)
  • herniated disc L5 / S1 (lower back)

Tips / strategies that I mentioned here are personal and do not reposition myself consultation or medical advice. I have no medical claim, I’m just looking to share a few tips that could possibly help some in their path.

The housework
I begin with the sexiest! This is a painful side to the other and an excellent source of pain. We need to look, move objects, rub, etc …

I noticed that the handles, broom or vacuum cleaner tubes are generally short to meet a congestion problem I guess. On the other hand, when done well over 1m70 and these tubes are clearly too short. Without realizing it, the back is curved to support. After a few minutes, the result is there, it hurts.

Buyer of, try to take a product the tube is long enough to not need to bend in half. For vacuum, it is possible to buy additional tubes (unless the telescopic tube is like the Dyson eg, their tube is too short  ).

To mop the floor, I recommend the “all-in-one”: a bucket that has a plastic support which allows the spin while remaining law. The product “UltraMax” from Vileda offers this practical mechanism with a broom equipped with an adjustable telescopic handle up to 1m70. The “backbone” comfort of this type of product is very significant.


Proud father that I am, I have also learn to manage the daily life of a child when the back was bad.

The bath of the first month is a perilous exercise because we must hold the child in our arms during bathing. The weight of the child, his movements and duration of the bath back impose a substantial load. To reduce this effort, I chose to use a baby bath mounted on a support at breast height. The brand has babymoov this option on their baby bathtub.


For the baby exchange, using a traditional changing table. However, most of the time, the tables are set or designed to be used by the end of the table (the side of the feet of the child). The illustration below is a good example:


This provision is a big concern for the backs of parents. The torso, shoulders and head are found far from the parent who must bend in half to achieve these often problematic parts of the body (through the arms in clothing, etc.). There is a very effective solution to reduce the strain on the back.

Simply go to the either end of the table but on the side. The parent therefore has an equal distance from all the children’s areas and some also move to the head. Thus, no need to lie on the child reaching his shoulders. It’s stupid but the difference is obvious on the state of your back with have changed and / or dressed your child.

Sadly, I have had children break my stuff before. Vases, Toys, even my computer screen. Thank to this website for making it not a pain in my back (I already have one!) to fix.

In the end, it would me much good if I didn’t have this back pain at all and could look after children properly.

The article may be a bit long, I will continue another day in another article.